Answers to most frequently asked questions

What is Le Chemin de Traverse ?

Le Chemin de Traverse  (in  english “The Diagon Alley”)  is a Live Escape Game. meaning, it’s a life like escape game. 2 to 6 travelers can play this puzzle game (depending on the room).

But... what really will be happening to me?

Send in another age, you will travel to another space-time continuum to lead an investigation on a mystery never solved before…

To solve this mystery, you will have to search everywhere, work out enigmas, find clues and complete the mission… your team will have to think hard, communicate well and cooperate!

How do I book a journey?

All bookings are made only on our website.

After completing the booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, we will wait for your team in the reception of Le Chemin de Traverse.

How long is the journey?

Plan around 90 minutes ahead for your journey:

  • Welcome & briefing during about 15 minutes,
  • 60 minutes journey trip,
  • Debriefing during about 15 minutes.

To fully enjoy your journey, please arrive at the time indicated on your booking summary, no more than 15 minutes before and thank you for not being late.

Who can travel?

Le Chemin de Traverse, Escape Game in Arras, is an entertainment aimed at everyone: families, groups of friends, Team Building, students…

I have numnuts in my team, will I be able to escape anyway?

The puzzles do not require any particular knowledge, it’s above all an adventure based on cooperation, logic, intuition and observation… no need to have a PHD in astrophysics.

I havn't had any exercise since fourth grade, can i stil take the journey on?

No physical aptitudes are required, nor age limit…

Can disabled people take the trip?

Yes! We make everything possible to make our journeys accessible to everyone, however, some clues or objects won’t be easily reachable or visible.

People with a slight visual, auditory or mental impairment can access the rooms if they are part of group containing at least on person with no handicap. By it’s nature, this game is not suited for blind people.

At what age can I start to take the journey on?

The minimum age is 7 years old if accompanied by at least 2 adults per team, or 15 years old if not accompanied.

Babys and toddlers are not allowed in the rooms.

Is there special journeys for kids?

Some of the rooms are accessible to groups of children on specific time-slots, for more informations, please visit the events page.

What will happen if I don't get out of the room in time?

You will remain stuck for ever between two eras, with no hope of escaping.

Do I need a special outfit?

Nope. Just come as you are.

One of the travelers, won't be joining us after all. What should we do?

No worries ! You can ask another person to join your team since the spots are not nominative!

However, no refund can by done for the missing traveler.

A new traveler has joined the team, can he take the journey?

As long as the number of travelers does not exceeds the room limit, it’s always possible to add travelers at last minute. You will juste have to pay with credit card or cash upon arriving.

Is it scary?

Afraid of snakes, giant spiders or Crumple-Horned Snorkack, no worries. You should feel perfectly safe during our journeys.

Their might be some tension or stress because of the ticking clock (or your team mates) but nothing unbearable (as to your team mates, we can’t guarantee anything).

Am I going to travel with people I don't know?

Nope. the journey is privatised and reserved to your own team.

We are 7 people or more, can we still travel?

For security reasons of the space-time continuum, the journey can only be taken by 6 people maximum at a time. No exception.

If you are more than 6 people, you can always book 2 different missions in 2 rooms at the same time-slot and make 2 teams.,

You can make it a challenge and next time swap missions and the loosing team pays for dinner!

Can I book my journey by phone or on site?

All booking must be made via our website.

We do not take any booking by phone and need a payment to block time-slots.

Can I cancel my journey?

Le Chemin de Traverse services are considered to be live events, in accordance to the article 121-21-8 of consumer code, every booking confirmed and validated can not be postponed, canceled or refunded.

How do i choose the difficulty?

Our goal is for your to enjoy your journey and we do everything we can to make it so!

We can change difficulty and/or the number of puzzles. During the booking process, let us know about the difficulty you want to face:

  • Beginner travelers : the vaste majority of people have never taken such a journey, or if you come with kids.
  • Connaisseur travelers : your already been through one or several escape games, or you have not but enjoy a challenge!
  • Expert travelers : you spend all your free time exploring escape rooms or you just want to prouve to yourself that you can do it!

The complex is downtown, where can I park?

There is a free parking lot, 200 meters away!