About us



Le Chemin de Traverse is a puzzle game.


Send in another age, you will travel to another space-time continuum to lead an investigation on a mystery never solved before…

To solve this mystery, you will have to search everywhere, work out enigmas, find clues and complete the mission… your team will have to think hard, communicate well and cooperate!


How did this adventure began?


They then discover that the mansion holds numerous secrets within et hides strange keys embedded with an extraordinary power…


Each key allows them to transform a room during one hour, sending everyone who dares enter it in another time-space continuum.


Quickly, the Locke children discover that these places are not chosen at random et that their destiny is to solve obscure enigmas that marked out the family history.


The only clue on the destination, the number engraved on the key… it indicates the year of the tragedy…

Are you ready to take the journey?